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Deck : Rules of the Road - 135/1025
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BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which display of lights shown in illustration D072RR below indicates a dredge underway and not dredging?
A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D
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Illustration D072RR

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duanefoote - 2016-03-02 18:20:37
Member (3)
The dredge in this question is just a regular power vessel for the rules, which must be 50 meters or more. You are looking at it head-on, so see the two side-lights and the two mast-head lights. You are right, you would see the same lights for a vessel less then 50 meters towing astern.
davidpregeant@msn.com - 2016-03-01 11:54:05
Member (1)
Why is B correct? White over White is towing or greater than 50m. Thanks
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