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Deck_2014 : Navigation Problems - 213/992
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On 13 November your 1030 ZT DR position is LAT 19°03'S, LONG 6°34'E.  You are on course 164°T, speed 12 knots.  Determine your 1200 position using the following observations of the Sun. ZONE TIME      GHA     DECLINATION     Ho 1112              351°55.4'      S 18°00.4'       88°08.0' 1121              354°10.4'      S 18°00.5'       88°33.9'
A) LAT 19°22.3'S, LONG 6°37.8'E
B) LAT 19°20.1'S, LONG 6°41.4'E
C) LAT 19°17.6'S, LONG 6°39.2'E
D) LAT 19°15.8'S, LONG 6°36.8'E
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