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Deck_2014 : Navigation Problems - 477/992
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On 30 July your 1030 ZT DR position is LAT 17°46'N, LONG 139°30'W.  You are on course 129°T, speed 24 knots.  Determine your 1200 position using the following observations of the Sun. ZONE TIME    GHA    DECLINATION       Ho 1220           138°25.0'     N 18°22.3'          88°43.3' 1226           139°55.0'     N 18°22.2'          88°24.0'
A) LAT 17°24.0'N, LONG 138°59.8'W
B) LAT 17°21.6'N, LONG 138°56.2'W
C) LAT 17°18.7'N, LONG 139°07.6'W
D) LAT 17°15.1'N, LONG 139°00.0'W
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