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Deck_2014 : Navigation Problems - 238/992
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On 15 August your vessel is enroute from Bombay, India, to San Francisco, CA.  You are steering course 020°T and making a speed of 20.0 knots.  Your 1830 zone time DR is  LAT 26°13.0' N, LONG 135°18.0' W. You observed 3 celestial bodies.  Determine the latitude and longitude of your 1935 running fix.
A) LAT 26°15.9'N, LONG 135°03.6'W
B) LAT 26°35.3'N, LONG 135°24.8'W
C) LAT 26°40.5'N, LONG 135°21.6'W
D) LAT 26°48.1'N, LONG 135°20.7'W
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