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Deck : Navigation Problems - 1344/1708
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On 30 June at 0630 zone time, morning stars were observed, and the vessel's position was determined to be LAT 25°15.0'S, LONG 175°36.0'E. Your vessel is steaming at 16.0 knots on a course of 302°T. A sextant observation of the Sun's lower limb is made at 1015 zone time. The chronometer reads 10h 14m 38s, and the sextant altitude is 32°07.9'. The index error is 4.5' on the arc, and the chronometer error is 01m 25s slow. Your height of eye on the bridge is 58.0 feet. What is the azimuth (Zn) of this sight using the assumed position?
A) 035.3°T
B) 144.7°T
C) 186.5°T
D) 248.5°T
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