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Deck : Rules of the Road - 257/1025
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BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which display of lights shown in illustration D072RR below indicates a 65-meter tug towing a barge astern, length of tow 120 meters?
A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D
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Illustration D072RR

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jlcarlson08 - 2015-10-20 20:05:00
Member (3)
Rule 24d requires towing vessels from 24a or 24c to also exhibit the after masthead light referred to in 23b(ii) for towing vessels over 50m. The only answer possible is C.
dcreasoner - 2015-10-01 18:26:34
Member (18)
I agree, so the answer should be B? Although an additional after-masthead light is optional, thus C is possible too.
jeremyjeffrey - 2015-08-09 21:18:03
Expired Member (2)
length of tow is below 200 meters, the tug should only have to have two masthead lights. And it is exempt from rule 23 a (ii) by nature of being a towing vessel.
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