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Deck : Rules of the Road - 1796/1025
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BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND You are crossing a narrow channel on your 15-meter vessel. A deeply loaded cargo vessel is proceeding down the channel as shown in illustration D040RR below. In this situation, which statement is correct?
A) You are the stand-on vessel because you are less than 65 feet in length.
B) The cargo vessel is the stand-on vessel because she is running with the current.
C) The Rule of Special Circumstances applies in this case.
D) You cannot impede the passage of the cargo vessel.
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Illustration D040RR

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pfibkins - 2018-03-30 10:09:30
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Cburtrum - 2017-11-06 16:17:01
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If you are crossing a narrow channel you never have the right of way.
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