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Deck_2014 : Navigation Problems - 474/992
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On 30 August your 0554 zone time (ZT) position was LAT 25°39.0'S, LONG 31°51.0'E.  Your vessel was steaming on course 325°T at a speed of 15.0 knots. An observation of  the Sun's lower limb was made at 0836 ZT.  The chronometer  read 06h 38m 36s and was fast 02m 24s.  The observed altitude (Ho) was 30°49.2'.  LAN occurred at 1157 ZT.  The  observed altitude (Ho) was 56°40.0'.  What was the longitude of your 1157 ZT running fix?
A) 30°59.8'E
B) 30°57.6'E
C) 30°55.9'E
D) 30°52.5'E
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