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Engine_2014 : Motor Plants and Auxiliary Boilers - 157/2614
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After following the prescribed procedures to measure the thrust bearing clearance shown in the illustration, the distance "F" is determined to be 200 mm, and 'f1' is 2.3 mm. Which of the following statements describes the condition indicated by these dimensions?
A) The total active thrust area is 202.3 mm, well within the standards set forth by the GSMA (German Society for Machining Accuracy).
B) The loading ratio, or shaft diameter divided by collar surface area is within 2.7 : 1.
C) These dimensions indicate the presence of flourishing marks on the thrust shoes; the marks becoming visible as the distance at 'f1' increases.
D) It is possible for the shaft to move axially 2.3 mm duringĀ  astern operation and relates to an excess movement of 1.3 mm, 0.3 mm beyond the maximum worn play.
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