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Engine_2014 : Electricity - 179/2299
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An air-cooled refrigerated container unit using R-134a as a refrigerant has a box temperature setpoint of -15 °F, but it is currently operating with a stable return air temperature of 0 °F. The fresh air makeup vent is closed, the unit is operating at 460 VAC/60 Hz, and the unit is in full capacity cool (modulating valve 100% open). Using the illustrated troubleshooting guide, if the ambient air temperature is 80 °F, what statement is true concerning the operating suction pressure if it is currently 4 psig?
A) The suction pressure is within the normal expected range for this ambient temperature.
B) The suction pressure is lower than it should be for this ambient temperature.
C) The suction pressure is higher than it should be for this ambient temperature.
D) Not enough information is given to determine whether the suction pressure is low, normal, or high for this ambient temperature.
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