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Engine : Motor Plants and Auxiliary Boilers - 1242/947
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A motor vessel has two centrifuges to pre-treat fuel to the engine(s) which may be configured to operate in series or parallel. A large quantity of water has been determined to be present in the fuel. What actions would you take to minimize the effect of water prior to fuel injection?
A) Run both centrifuges in series as purifiers and increase 'shoot' cycles.
B) Maintain normal fuel oil throughput through both centrifuges functioning as clarifiers and increase the 'shoot' cycle of the two clarifiers.
C) Drain settling tank(s) and service tank more often only, and monitor reduction in water content.
D) Run first centrifuge as a purifier in series with second as clarifier and reduce throughput and increase 'shoot' cycles'.
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stephendowns345 - 2023-11-09 12:24:31
Member (3)
it baffles me that you want to cut off removing water by placing one as a clarifier where a purifier would remove both solids as well as water from the fuel.
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