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Engine : Electricity - 1212/1386
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The motor starts when the start button in the illustration is pushed, but stops when the button is released. What is most likely the trouble? EL-0007
A) an open in the stop button contact
B) an open "M" contactor coil
C) a corroded contact on the disconnect switch (DS) at 'L3'
D) an open auxiliary "M" contact
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Illustration EL-0007

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Shawn - 2015-08-27 21:56:29
Expired Member (195)
I've looked at both 512 and 1212. They both have the same answer "an open auxiliary 'M' contact"?
Svobatron - 2015-08-27 21:11:20
Member (7)
Question 512 is same question but the answer is "an open M contactor Coil"
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