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USCGQ Additions
Posted: 22 Apr 2012 21:01 UTC  Post #1
Deck & Engine
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What would you like to see added to USCGQ? Please reply to this thread to share your ideas!

So far here is what is scheduled:
-Update forum/comment system.
-Add a "generate" and "print" feature to print full random text exams.
-Your idea here!
Posted: 05 May 2012 23:39 UTC  Post #2
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This site is powerful already, and it appears to be getting better.
Taking it mobile would be the next step. I recommend the development of an iPhone and Android app. Such an app should have the following features:

    offline access...
    ...to the "study mode" and "answers only mode"
    to the full comment mechanism, albeit as a separate menu for each question
    in a clean visual format that only shows what's necessary to view/answer the question/options

Such an app would be time-consuming to develop, and probably cost a pretty-penny. Updates to the app would need to be made as the website proper is updated. However, I firmly believe that the kind of people who already use this site would be willing to pay a modest amount (perhaps $5 or even $10) for the convenience.

You could even tie it to Apple's Game Center (or Android counterpart) by instituting achievements. This would make a better "time-waster" than any game. Such an app will benefit us all.

Recommendations to the site proper:

- add ability to search for question by CGID number
- enable robust tracking. It would be useful to see a report of the student's progress. If he has trouble in a specific area of study, the report will reflect this and give him the option to intensively test on that topic.
- supplement the site with a recommended reading list. Although it wouldn't be directly related to coast guard questions, such a list would be simple to create as another tab on the website. All that's needed is to start a list in a forum post somewhere. I'll hold off on that until the administrator makes a preliminary decision.
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Posted: 12 Sep 2012 00:04 UTC  Post #3
Deck & Engine
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Borne, I appreciate all the suggestions. We are going to be rolling out some new features that will allow us to reach these goals. I also think it will be important for USCGQ to develop an app, and in order so, we will need to generate some sort of revenue to pay for the development. However, in the mean time we will continue to make changes to USCGQ and improve our online functionality until I feel we can make the move to an offline application.

You now have the ability to search for a question by CGID. I will try to get a list of recommended reading lists as well. The "robust" tracking is a tricky one and will only come in time as we continue to make changes to our system.

Thanks again for your input and if anyone else reading this has any suggestions please feel free to reply!
Posted: 07 Sep 2013 09:21 UTC  Post #4
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Would love to be able to filter questions by difficulty based on how many users get the question wrong. Basically by difficulty.
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