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Migration to Office 365
Posted: 20 Jul 2020 05:44 UTC  Post #1
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In a cutover migration, on-premises mailboxes are migrated to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 in a single migration batch.

In the Exchange admin center, go to Recipients > Migration.

Choose New New icon > Migrate to Exchange Online.

Select Migrate to Exchange Online

On the Select a migration type page, choose Cutover migration > next.

On the Confirm the migration endpoint page, the migration endpoint information is listed. Verify the information and then choose next.

New migration batch with confirmed endpoint.

On the Move configuration page, type the name (cannot contain spaces or special characters) of the migration batch, and then choose next. The batch name is displayed in the list of migration batches on the Migration page after you create the migration batch.

On the Start the batch page, choose one of the following:

Automa tically start the batch: The migration batch is started as soon as you save the new migration batch with a status of Syncing.

Manually start the batch later: The migration batch is created but is not started. The status of the batch is set to Created. To start a migration batch, select it on the migration dashboard, and then choose Start.

Choose new to create the migration batch.

The new migration batch is displayed on the migration dashboard.

The other method of migration to Office 365 is Hybrid migration. Know more about Office 365 Hybrid migration here.
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