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LAPware study aid alternative

LAPware is a software solution used to help mariners study for the United States Coast Guard licensing.

There is a separate version for both Deck and Engine students. The version for deck students is simply called LAPware and the version for engine students is called LAPwareEngine.

However at a cost of $150 it is simply be too expensive for many.

Luckily more cost affective alternatives exist - like this very site - USCGQ.com

At only $15 (a fraction of the cost of LAPware!) you get access to both Deck and Engine modules and over 20,000 study questions.

USCGQ has helped over 16,000 students study for their licensing and our goal is to help you succeed as well.

Best of all is you can register and try it out for free.

So go ahead and register, log in and then try a few of the question modules below.

Deck modules:

Engine modules:

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.