U.S. Coast Guard Questions and Answers

Rules of the Road Practice Test

Think you know your Rules of the Road? Take our USCG Rules of the Road Practice Test and find out!

Passing your USCG Licensing Exam can be extremely hard as you might have heard from your friends that have gone through this already.

The problem is that the USCG has a huge database of questions and many of those questions test very obscure facts or are structured as trick questions.

What makes matters worse is that you can only get 3 questions wrong in the Rules of the Road section of the exam before you fail! So, you better know these questions by heart!

Luckily, we have collected the exact same bank of questions and created a proven system to help you study and pass. We have helped over 15,000 mariners so far prepare for their Coast Guard Rules of the Road Test. I’m sure we will be able to help you too!

We have many ways for you to study these USCG Rules of the Road exam questions.

First, you can study the questions in “answer” mode. This will let you browse the questions while instantly showing you the correct answer. We however actually do not recommend this approach.

Much better is using the “normal” mode where you are presented with the question and multiple-choice answers. You then select your answer and then will instantly be shown if you are correct or not. If you are wrong, the system will show you clearly what the correct choice is.

Take the online Rules of the Road Quiz right now to see how that works.

Once you have tested yourself against literally hundreds of questions and you feel ready – go ahead and create a formal Coast Guard Rules of the Road Practice Test. This will simulate the real exam where you answer questions and only see the results at the end.

Continue to study questions and take mock exams until you pass with 100%.

Remember the same rules of the road test questions apply to a Sailing, Captain’s License (OUPV / 6-Pack), Masters License or basically any maritime credential. Everybody needs to follow the same rules on the water!