December 18th 2014 (IMPORTANT UPDATE!)

Members and guests,
First, let me welcome you to version 2 of! It's been a long time coming for a major update to this site. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress so you may see broken pages or errors. BUT rest assured that ALL Coast Guard questions are up to date. So you may be asking why update? Well, due to the recent changes the Coast Guard has made to their question bank and format, we too had to make some changes to adapt. Here's what has changed: CGID - All Coast Guard ID's - be careful when referencing "Murphy" publications. The best way to find a question is to use our search page. Images have been updated, some removed, and yes some are still missing. Engineers, for a list of NON-PUBLISHED illustrations login and click the link on your home page. Questions now have a reference code which hopefully the coast guard will not change... and will make future updates much easier.

If you have any questions or you find a "broken" question, please use our comment system and forum. I'm not always available to answer e-mails while working, but I will check the forum from time to time. And to all the cadets approaching their 3rd mates/AE exam, stay calm and chive on!


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